Host city Dubrovnik

Known as the Pearl of the Adriatic, it lies in the extreme south of Croatia, basking in glorious Mediterranean sunshine for much of the year. A fairytale fortress of beautiful Baroque, Gothic and Renaissance churches, aristocratic palaces, red- roofed townhouses, magnificent monasteries and fascinating history, it is almost impossible to feel anything but uplifted and inspired here…


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We Lift Each Other!


Divas in Dentistry is an international movement with a mission to
empower and motivate female dentists to rise up in the dental field, a once male-dominated profession. The Divas in Dentistry supports women in professionalism, friendships, and knowledge while also balancing motherhood, leadership and fashion. We believe that uniting women with passion and dedication, makes us all stronger in our profession.

The Divas in Dentistry Convention is the first of its kind event! Our first international conference took place last year in Spain and was an exquisite and unique event where 15 powerful women on the same stage shared their passion, experience and expertise. This year, we are extremely excited to host our second international conference: The Second Divas in Dentistry Convention, which be held from October 07-09, 2021 at the hotel Palace Dubrovnik, in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Join us and experience world-class Knowledge and Professionalism and conflagrant Passion for Dentistry! This is the best event to get filled in with Knowledge and positivism, to expand your network and friendships and to connect with like-minded people!

Divas in Dentistry

are stepping out again in the real world

A little over 2 years ago, a group of Divas in Dentistry leaders had a vision. It stemmed out of their passion for dentistry, genuine love of people and a desire to celebrate with other ladies what it means to be a successful, professional woman in the field of dentistry. Our vision was materialized in a virtual social network of close dentist friends who exchanged ideas, talked about their clinical challenges and successes, encouraged one another and celebrated their sisterhood. We named it “Divas in Dentistry”.

Divas in Dentistry has become a global network now and has grown beyond the boundaries of the virtual world. There are women in the field of dentistry who call themselves Divas in almost a couple dozen countries and the network grows every day. Men are paying attention as well and lending enthusiastic support to this phenomenon. Many Divas have by now met face to face, attended and organized education events, celebrated together and this sisterhood is stepping out of the virtual world into the real one due our first international event hosted in Spain in 2018.

And that had a real impact ! Why ? Because it empowers women in dentistry everywhere to excel, to care for each other and their patients, to equip themselves for success and to be strong together. We are recognizing that the tens of thousands of social media followers have now transformed a social network into a real movement that grows through passion and enthusiasm and has enormous potential. However, every movement needs to channel enthusiasm in wise ways, define goals and at some point have an organized structure. We believe that moment has come again for Divas in Dentistry and we are announcing the coming out of the Divas into the real world again! The second official Divas in Dentistry Congress will take place in October 07-09, 2021 in Dubrovnik, Croatia organized by our wonderful host and co-founder Dr. Snjezana Pohl and founder Dr. Delia Tuttle. We are inviting Divas from all over the world to learn together, laugh together, celebrate one another and form lasting bonds that transcend geography and backgrounds.

Stronger Together!

I am extremely happy and proud to welcome you all to the second Divas in Dentistry convention holding here in this beautiful country!

I remember the moment we agreed to organize D i D in Croatia. At the last evening of our event in Spain, I remember the dancing, laughter and fun that we all shared. I remember that all of sudden, we felt uneasy because the moment of separation got closer. We all thought, “when and where are we going to meet again?”

“In a Game of Thrones fashion, I will be standing side-by-side with Divas in Dentistry founder, Delia Tuttle, who also happens to be the host of this wonderful event.”

Why Divas in Dentistry?

We want to spread passion for this unique profession, encourage each other to step out and display our works in posters, lectures, discussions and chats during coffee breaks. There is more!

We want to create a unique avenue where our children will join us and meet the other “mam-dentist-kids”. All kids are gladly welcome to see their mother’s (or father’s) lecture if they like.

We`ll have our male dear colleagues, exceptional clinicians, researcher and speakers, the Divos! The highlight of D i D social event will transcend the scotch and cigar session (although I personally feel very good with my scotch drinking and cigar smoking friends, lol) to embrace dance, music and red carpet moments which will display our love for dresses, high heels… Get prepared to be amazed with masquerade and candles shows because they are the things that are going to make DiD an event to remember …

Aren’t all these what you desire? For ever unique person, gentle and strong mothers and Divas, fathers and Divos, hard workers, organizers etc… you deserve all these and more.

You deserve to learn from exceptional lecturers in incredible Dubrovnik, wear your best dresses and dance like no one is watching. You are guaranteed to enjoy all through the entire length of the program.

Keynote Speakers