Great speakers, leading practitioners are going to talk about some of the hottest topics:

When to save and when to extract the tooth? When the tooth is extracted, how to reduce the post-extraction ridge atrophy? Why is partial extraction therapy superior to other therapies?

If there is already ridge atrophy, how to rebuild and improve the site in order to place implants? How to handle extremely atrophic ridges?

How to plan full arch cases according to facial aesthetic demands?
When the implants are placed, which materials should be used for the supra-structure? What should be considered in order to minimize peri-implantitis risk? How can an optimized implant site preparation change implant prognosis? What do we know about the transitional zone? What do we know about the role of implant-abutment connection, implant-abutment design and soft tissue thickness and its impact on peri-implant tissue health? How to improve the soft tissue outcome? How to treat a gummy smile?
And when we understand all these points, how to give an unforgettable lecture?


Learn from masters in a fun and exciting Croatian atmosphere. All this and more at the 2nd DIVAS Symposium October 2020.